Liverpool’s waterfront by the Pier Head, guarded by the mythical Liver Birds on the Royal Liver Building, is one of the most easily recognized in Britain. Nearby are the ferry terminal across the River Mersey and the revitalized docklands. Liverpool’s includes some fine Neo – classical buildings in the city centre,such as the gargantuan St George Hall, and Two cathedrals.

Many people still visit Liverpool to pay homege to the Beatles, but the city is also know for its orchestra, the Liverpool Philharmonic, its sport and its universities. Liverpool was the European Capital of culture in 2008.

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Ness Botanic Garden are situated near the city of Chester .The gardens have many specimen tree and flower; snowdrop walks are conducted during the flowering season.





Chester Zoo

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Set in 124 acres(50ha) of gardens, this is the largest zoo in the UK, with more than 600 species of animals living in near natural surroundings.Chester City




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The ancient city of Chester, standing proudly above the River dee, has a attracted visitors since the Roman occupation of Britain. The medieval walls encompass not only the city itself but also nearly 2,000 years of history. Much of the city was rebuilt in the late 19th century and its present black-and- white appearance was largely created Victorian architects

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The home of Romeu and Juliet and Gladiatorial Roman arena,this is one of northern Italy most spledind cities

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